Chronology of Illness from 2006

Dennis spent much of 2006 in and out of the hospital as a result of carbon dioxide build up in his body and lung infections.

My sister came to live with us in January 2006 and I really don't know what I would have done that year without her help.  Much of my time spent with Dennis was in trying to reassure him that he was breathing just fine and that everything was okay (even when I knew it wasn't).  There were a few good days but they could be counted on my fingers for the entire year.  We spent a lot of time driving to Dallas to the hospital and doctor offices. My sister took over caring for all of the pets and animals.  Below is a small chronology of our year.

January was not so bad - just one trip to Dr. Millard on the 17th.

February - a full month without a trip to Dallas! WOW!

March - A trip on the 20th to see Dr. Parmar, Cardiologist

April - Started off okay, but Dennis began to get sick the middle of the month and by the 18th, he was in the hospital with elevated carbon dioxide and an infection. He came home on the 21st.  I took him to Dr. Millard on the 24.  We came home but Dr. Millard had him back in the hospital on the 26th and did not release him until May 3rd.

May - After coming home on the 3rd, we were in hopes that was it for a while but not to be.  On the 15th he was back in Baylor for more antibiotics and an attempt to find out why his carbon dioxide was so elevated again.  Released again on the 21st, we no more than got settled at home and he was back in the hospital on the 24th for 2 more days.

June - On the 27th Dennis was in Dr. Millard's office again to check his CO2  levels.  They were still elevated but not as bad.  He had been sleeping under a Bi-Pap machine at night in an attempt to reduce his CO2 buildup.

July - Dennis had a sleep study on the 21st which determined that he was not getting the sleep needed to remove the daily buildup of CO2 . It also revealed that his RLS (Restless leg syndrome) was back with full force.  The doctor said he had the worst case he had ever seen.  He had another checkup with Dr. Millard on the 25th to check his CO2 levels.    

August - No doctor visits until the end of the month but on the 23rd Dennis had a pacemaker checkup and a visit with Dr. Assar.  On the 29th, it was back to see Dr. Millard and Dr. Luterman (Bi-Pap is his specialty).  

September - Things began to level out a little by September.  The Bi-Pap machine was removing the  CO2 at night and Dennis was working harder at his therapy during the day.  Dennis had another visit with Dr. Parmar (Cardiologist) on the 22nd.  

October - Another visit with Dr. Millard and Dr. Luterman on the 17th.  Dennis was doing really well at this visit so Dr. Millard told him he would see him next year.

November and December were doctor and hospital free but we certainly made up for it on New Years Day of 2007



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