Chronology Of Illness from Pre-Diagnosis through Present Day


1983-1996 - Covers initial diagnosis and treatment received from our Internal Medicine physician.  Read more about this period of the illness by clicking here.

1996-1999 - Officially diagnosed with COPD in 1996.  Our Internal Medicine doctor referred my husband to a pulmonology specialist at the Martha Foster Lung Center (Baylor Hospital).  Read more about the illness and treatments during this period by clicking here.

2000-2004 - Retired in 1999 due to medical disability.  Inability to work created additional problems for the illness.  Read more about this period of time by clicking here.

2005 - Lung Volume Reduction Surgery was performed in May 2005.   The prognosis for a better quality of life failed due to complications.  Read more about the surgery and its after affects by clicking here.

2006 - This year was spent trying to recover from the surgery.   Much of the year was spent in the hospital fighting infections and CO2 buildup.  Read more about Dennis' battle to survive by clicking here.

2007 - On January 1st, Dennis was rushed to the hospital with a severe infection. His CO2 level was extremely high. His stay lasted 2 weeks.  Read more about Dennis battles with his breathing and anxiety by clicking here.

2008 - The year was relatively quiet.  No hospital visits but I had to push Dennis to perform his therapy exercises as prescribed by the doctor.  This was our major concentration this year - to try and get him up and motivated to live life.  Read about our ongoing battle by clicking here

2009 - We have finally moved into our new home and it is hoped that will improve Dennis' attitude. He has become extremely recluse and only leaves the house to go see the doctors. Read about our present situation by clicking here.




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